White Crane Kung Fu - 白鶴拳 or báihèquán in Chinese - is a traditional Chinese martial art inspired by the movements of a crane. Our style of White Crane originates from the Fujian Province. It is not the same as the crane form from Shaolin Kung Fu or Tibetan White Crane, which are separate styles.


Yek does White Crane Kung FuHuang Xingxian learnt White Crane from well-known masters of the art. One of Huang's teachers is thought to have been influencial in the development of the Okinawan martial arts.

Huang became known as the "Young Champion" because of his success at regional and provincial martial arts tournaments.

Yek Sing Ong studied martial arts under Huang for 30 years, and learned the White Crane Kung Fu system from him.

More Information

We are not teaching the White Crane Kung Fu system at the moment. Sorry, but we don't sell any videos, books or diagrams relating to the system.

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