This page is for the beginner classes taught by Aaron Lavack in The Terrace (New Zealand).

People interested in joining, are invited to make an appointment to come along and watch or join in a class. You're welcome to call Aaron on (021) 0734520 or use the email form below.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in The Terrace

St Andrews Church Hall
30 The Terrace, Wellington
(The entrance to the hall is just to the right of the church)
Monday 1pm to 2pm and Wednesday 12pm to 1pm

Aaron Lavack

Aaron LavackAaron began training Tai Chi Chuan in 2001.

Aaron says, "In my training I have found that Tai Chi has consistently amazed me with its level of depth and sophistication, whenever I think I'm starting to get close to understanding it I discover a whole new set of challenges and intriguing ideas. As the years have gone by I have found my fascination with this complex art growing as I come closer to understanding its true depth. Besides the provision of an intellectual challenge I have also enjoyed the positive health benefits that Tai Chi provides, and the near instant release of stress and tension that results from training. Tai Chi has become something that my body and mind crave on a daily basis, and I am excited to be able to share its benefits with my students."

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Aaron Lavack

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