Lincoln tai chi classThis page is for the beginner classes taught by Barry Thompson in Lincoln (New Zealand).

People interested in joining, are invited to make an appointment to come along and watch or join in a class. You're welcome to call Barry on (03) 347 7151 or (021) 221 4678 or use the email form below.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Lincoln

Lincoln Primary School Hall, Boundary Road, Lincoln, Christchurch
Mondays and Thursdays 5pm - 6pm

Barry Thompson

Barry ThompsonBarry has been learning martial arts for over 25 years. Barry was introduced to Sing Ong Tai Chi eight years ago.

"Sing Ong Tai Chi has helped me understand the concept that all movement must be initiated with a calm and focused mind, signifying intent and the importance of the head being erect and eyes level."

"It doesn't matter how many books you may read about the art, you must seek (and need guidance from) an instructor to check your form, as often a student's interpretation of a technique or concept may be incorrect as things are not always as they seem in tai chi. In order to progress the student needs to firstly understand, accept and practice."

"I can now see myself practicing tai chi for every day of my life as the benefits to health, well being and sheer enjoyment are immeasurable."

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