This page is for the beginner classes taught by Frank Lin in Chartwell (New Zealand).

People interested in joining, are invited to make an appointment to come along and watch or join in a class. You're welcome to call Frank on (021)302 821 or use the email form below.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Chartwell

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5.30pm-7pm
Fairfield Intermediate School, Chartwell

Frank Lin

Frank LinFrank says, "Tai-chi is a method of improving self awareness, health, reduce stress and fatigue through learning how to improve your balance and relaxing. It also contains self defense technique and provides a way to study martial art skill in a non-competitive environment."

"I have been training Sing Ong Tai Chi since 1999 under Master Michael Yek. I really appreciate the quality of the instructions and training, and my goal is to do my best to pass on the learning and follow the same training standard. Join me on a journey of continuous self improvement."

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Frank Lin

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