Hamilton tai chi classThis page is for the beginner classes taught by Mike Puklowski in Hamilton (New Zealand).

People interested in joining, are invited to make an appointment to come along and watch or join in a class. You're welcome to call Mike on (07) 825 0500 or (027) 244 0371 or use the email form below.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Hamilton

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6pm-7pm
Forest Lake School

Mike Puklowski

Mike PuklowskiMike Puklowski started tai chi in 1979 with one of Huang Xingxian's students, and studied for 2 years. In March 1991, he joined Professor Yek's Tai Chi Fitness Centre in Palmerston North, shortly after Professor Yek first moved to New Zealand.

Mike moved to Raglan in 1995, and started the Hamilton and Raglan classes. He travels to Auckland regularly for training with Professor Yek and Michael Yek.

Mike says, "The art of tai chi chuan as taught by Professor Yek is a life time study and a study of life. I have followed this path for over 14 years now and have learned much about myself in the process."

"I now endeavour to apply tai chi wherever possible, whether driving my car, while working in my workshop making cane furniture, or in business."

"For me, the process of learning Sing Ong Tai Chi is a step by step path in self-development. I have undergone many changes over the years of my study and now I feel a stronger person, confident and capable to adjust and embrace change."

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Mike Puklowski

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