Kuching tai chi classThis page is for the beginner classes taught by Wong Wee Choon in Kuching (Sarawak, East Malaysia).

New students can join any time, and are welcome to come and watch a class for free before joining. You're welcome to call Mr Wong on 6082 253823 or 016 8982787 (Chinese speakers). English speakers, please call Mr Allen Liew on 6016 8645570.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Kuching

Near the Hock Lee Centre. The signboard on the shophouse is for the Sarawak Tai Chi Chuan and Nai Wai Dan Gong Association. Please call ahead for directions.

Wong Wee Choon

Wong Wee ChoonMr Wong Wee Choon was born in 1946. He started to learn Tai chi chuan from Professor Yek Sing Ong in Nov 1990 and started to teach Tai chi in 1994 as an assistant instructor. In 1995, he was granted the full instructorship and has taught Tai chi since then.

Mr Wong’s Tai chi life is governed by two fundamentals. Firstly, he believes that Tai chi is best learnt by teaching. He believes that in teaching, one must pay great attention to the details of each Tai chi move and adhere to the philosophy of Tai chi. Because of that, a Tai chi instructor needs to focus on the finer details walking the talk.

Secondly, he believes that Tai chi is best learnt in a group. When one learns Tai chi alone, not only will they tend to skip practice, but also over time will cut short some of the Tai chi moves and worse, without paying attention to the details. On the contrary, learning Tai chi in a class would overcome the mentioned weaknesses. Due to commitment to the class, one would not lay back and skip classes. They will also become punctual and will not knock off early.


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Wong Wee Choon

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