Head Quarters tai chi classThis page is for the instructor classes taught by Michael Yek in Head Quarters (Auckland, New Zealand).

Visiting branch instructors are invited to attend. You're welcome to call Michael on (09)6258833 to confirm class details beforehand.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Head Quarters

Sing Ong Tai Chi Head Quarters
Saturdays 8AM

Michael Yek

Michael YekMichael Yek is the younger son of Professor Yek. He is the chief instructor for Sing Ong Tai Chi.

Michael started tai chi when he was just six years old. Initially he was taught by his father, and later he also learnt directly from Huang Xingxian.

With over 30 years of tai chi training, Michael is one of the most experienced tai chi teachers in New Zealand. In 1990, he placed second (his uncle came first) in the international competition form division of the Sarawak Chinese Martial Arts Championship.

Michael is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and has a clinic on Mt Albert Rd where he practises traditional herbal medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and palm treatment.


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Michael Yek

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