This page is for the beginner classes taught by Allan Cordery in Kerikeri (Kerikeri, New Zealand).

New students can join any time. You're welcome to call Allan on (09)407-5430 to confirm class details beforehand.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Kerikeri

Kerikeri Gym, Hobson Avenue, Kerikeri
Monday & Wednesday 11am to 12 noon

Allan Cordery

Allan CorderyAllan Cordery first started Tai Chi in 2001 when Sing Ong Tai Chi came to Kerikeri. For the past four years Allan has been teaching Tai Chi including teaching Sing Ong tai Chi to senior citizens as part of the Falls Prevention programme funded by ACC. Allan also attends a weekly instructor's class in Whangarei.

Having participated in several different sports as a young man, I continued my interest by supporting my two sons throughout their 25plus years in their chosen sport of Judo. I have also been involved in coaching sport for the disabled as I have a disabled daughter, Jan. She successfully competed at the Paralympics and several other international competitions.

There is no need to suffer the traumas of being thrown, or having your joints locked, or even being strangled as in an external martial art like Judo. Tai Chi is a much gentler way of learning a martial art, being internal it does not depend on size or strength but skill. This skill can only be acquired after much practice and tutoring by more advanced students and teachers.

Alan says, "I feel that Tai Chi has given me a new outlook on life. I am more positive and have a healthier body and mind, increased flexibility, and much improved balance and co-ordination. The time I have spent teaching has been very rewarding. It has improved my understanding of Tai Chi as well as improving the well being of the students and the senior citizens involved. I must also acknowledge the many friends that I have had the good fortune to meet through the Sing Ong Tai Chi organization."

Branch affiliated through Peter Kecskemeti

This branch is affiliated through Peter Kecskemeti: Whangarei.


Allan Cordery

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