This page is for the beginner classes taught by Bill Gregory in Rangiora (New Zealand).

New students can join any time. You're welcome to call Bill on (027) 437 6951 or Mr Nic Morrison (021)667 647 to confirm class details beforehand.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Rangiora

Rangiora High School, Rangiora
Monday & Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Bill Gregory

Bill GregoryBill says, "I have been training Sing Ong Tai Chi with Chan Lao Shi for seven years. This experience has been enjoyable for many reasons, including the social aspects of the class, the contact with the wider SOTC school and the development of a deep interest in an area I never contemplated. As a by-product of the training I feel my body and mind have been regenerated significantly in that time, recovering to some degree from years of deskbound office work, and some destructive sporting activity. In particular my joints- knees, shoulders, back and fingers are much more flexible and comfortable than before, and I am stronger in the legs, back and feet. The regular training also seems to give a higher level of resistance to minor sickness and allergies, in my experience. I have found great pleasure in the recovery of half-forgotten balance and movement skills in a slow and gentle way, and constant amazement that there is more to learn. This challenge of trying to learn the form elements correctly, and then the growing appreciation of the further breadth and depth of the art ensure that there is no doubt that I am only beginning. Finally I enjoy the calm and helpful learning environment and the advice of the senior students and instructors who carry us along with them"

Branch affiliated through Chan Seng Chee

This branch is affiliated through Chan Seng Chee. For information provided by Chan Seng Chee specifically for the branches affiliated through him, please click here.


Bill Gregory

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