Newmarket on Mondays tai chi classThis page is for the beginner classes taught by Tim Fitzpatrick in Newmarket on Mondays (Auckland, New Zealand).

New students can join any time. You're welcome to call Tim on (021)244 2510 to confirm class details beforehand.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Newmarket on Mondays

Newmarket Primary School, 6 Seccombes Road
Mondays 6.30pm
New Beginners please contact Tim Smith - Newmarket Wednesday

Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim FitzpatrickI began learning Sing Ong Tai Chi in 1999 and soon became overwhelmed by the impeccable linage of the school, the integrity of the teaching and the sheer depth and beauty within this art.

In 2003 I began assisting Michael Yek in teaching classes and continue this today. I have also begun teaching my own classes and every week attend 3 hours of instructor training.

I feel that my teachers have always challenged me in this art, and then provided every thing they could to help me meet that challenge. My hope is to do the same. My fascination with the depth of this art, my regard for the immense skill that Professor Yek has attained from his dedication to the purity of this art, and the fun and excitement of this art still beats strong everyday. My goal in teaching Sing Ong Tai Chi is to honour this impeccable linage to the best of my ability, to share and hopefully instill my passion and respect for Tai Chi, and to continue to savour the joy experienced as my students bit by bit start to "get it.

Anyone interested in joining a beginners class is invited to contact me via email or call me to discuss. Viewing of classes can be arranged by appointment.


Tim Fitzpatrick

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