LarsTai chi for me is like a great journey of self-improvement; it will continue to be for a long time.

I feel the daily practice of tai chi has given me more energy during the day, a little better understanding of my body and how it works, reduced daily tensions making me more relaxed, improved my overall health, as well as enhanced my conscious control of my body. All these things, over time, patience and practice, I believe I can improve a lot more.

Tai chi has given me a more relaxed attitude towards various situations that may arise, allowing me to deal with them more easily. It has also provided me with an effective system of stress relief.

I believe tai chi can help people achieve good health, vitality, peace of mind, happiness, and in the long term self defence as well as goodness in other aspects of their lives through a very slow but natural process, rather than a "hurried", unnatural process. I hope that others like myself come to realise the great benefits of tai chi.

I find the more I train the more I enjoy each session. I look forward to the long, beneficial and fun road ahead.


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