Lachie 42 formI am presently working in Wanganui as a junior doctor at the hospital. I graduated from the University of Otago in 2004, having spent much of my six years in Dunedin with the enthusiastic and diverse bunch of Sing Ong Tai Chi students there. We have all benefited from the patient and accurate instruction.

The attraction of Sing Ong Tai Chi to me is that it is a mental and physical activity like none other. In a world where lives are increasingly frenetic, tai chi brings a close circle of peace to me. It is the one time of day where I intentionally stand still, forget about jobs I have left undone, and relax. Practising tai chi reminds me of a saying about how people will travel vast distances across the world to see beautiful and moving places, but forget about the beauties and movements that lie inside themselves, not a footstep away.

Tai chi challenges convention. It needs no instruments, or courts. It needs only a little space in which to practice. It also attracts me because it is challenging. To practice for a little time everyday, no matter what my mood or circumstance, is a challenge I have still to meet. Many people talk about how they "did" tai chi, but quickly gave up. I intend to keep it with me until the day I die. I enjoy its opposites and apparent contradictions. Slow is fast. Large and small. Open and close. It makes me think.

Sing Ong Tai Chi holds its art in the highest regard. This is important to me. The people who practice it not only enjoy it but take it seriously too. But most important of all, is that it brings friends together from a multitude of experiences to enjoy the art and discuss it with enthusiasm.


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