Nicholas I have been practising tai chi ever since I was at University in the 1980s.

I discovered Sing Ong Tai Chi about 10 years ago, and I thought, finally I have found a pathway forward in my practice.

For a long time before I found Sing Ong Tai Chi, the tai chi classes I had attended were obviously enjoyable but lacked substance; they seemed to lack material and teaching that was clear, focussed in a way that I could really feel that I was progressing towards some fixed goal of expertise. How many forms have I had learnt over the years; a couple of sword forms, short form, long form, staff form, animal forms.

But as Professor Yek has said there's no point in collecting new forms if they're empty and all the same anyway. Keep each form distinct and true to its original flavour.

Tai chi has kept me in good health, confidence, good fitness, with my body supple and flexible, my mind relaxed but focussed, my posture erect. I look forward to a long and healthy life thanks to tai chi.

I really feel happy and grateful to Professor Yek for having such clarity of vision, the patience and perseverance to develop a teaching plan to progress us forward on our lifelong journey learning tai chi.

I look forward to many, many more years of progress with my Sing Ong Tai Chi family.


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