Sherilyn 42 formThe first time I saw tai chi I made the mistake of thinking it was going to be easy! I asked, "Is this the beginners class" and was told by a relative newcomer, "Oh no. I wish I was that good."

Some time has passed and I have seen many people start with possibly the same thoughts as myself, only to discover that this art is a lot more sophisticated than simple keep fit exercises. Tai chi relaxes my mind and body while having a tonic effect on my general well-being.

The benefits I originally sought have been gained. I am more flexible and mobile in my joints. I have, through practice and teachings, learned to co-ordinate mind, breath and body.

In addition I have benefited from increased patience and perseverance, and met some great people. I recommend tai chi to friends, family and anyone recovering from injury or illness. Because it is gentle on the body, strength and toning is gained over time, without added injury or stress to the body.

I had an abdominal operation last year and was thrilled at my recovery time. I believe this was due to the tai chi exercises, body strength and well being level that I had attained prior to the surgery.

I look forward to continuing my path along the river and putting into practice what I have learned in pushing hands.


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