This page is for the beginner classes taught by David Martin in Maunu (New Zealand).

People interested in joining, are invited to make an appointment to come along and watch or join in a class. You're welcome to call David on (027) 289 3283 or use the email form below.

Sing Ong Tai Chi in Maunu

Pompallier Catholic College Gymnasium, State Highway 14, Maunu, Whangarei
Wednesday nights from 6.30pm (During school terms)

David Martin

David MartinDavid Martin first started practicing Sing Ong Tai Chi in 2001 with Peter Kecskemeti. He has continued to remain a student of Peter and has attended many training seminars and camps to improve his knowledge of Tai Chi.

"I first started training Tai Chi back in 2001 to improve my overall health and well being without actually knowing a great deal about it. Looking back I consider myself fortunate to have found such a fine school with excellent fundamentals and teachings of Tai Chi. For me personally it has given me a much calmer sense of mind, reduced stress and improved my balance, flexibility, coordination and stamina. I now wish to share this gift through teaching others."

"Tai chi teaches how not to resist force, but rather to relax both mind and body in all circumstances. It is remarkably effective in application for self defence. Regular practice of tai chi also promotes good health."

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Branch affiliated through Peter Kecskemeti

This branch is affiliated through Peter Kecskemeti: Whangarei.


David Martin

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