Welcome! We're a group of tai chi enthusiasts who are learning with Professor Yek Sing Ong and his senior students.

We do tai chi for health and self-defence, following the rich tradition passed down from Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Manqing) and Huang Sheng Shyan (Huang Xingxian).

Classes are offered in New Zealand (where Professor Yek lives) and also in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the USA and Norway. New students are always welcome.

Branches affiliated through Chan Seng Chee

This page is for Sing Ong Tai Chi branches that are affiliated through Chan Seng Chee, who is one of Professor Yek's senior students in New Zealand. For a complete list of Sing Ong Tai Chi branches in an area, or to explore the rest of the Sing Ong Tai Chi website, please use the Navigation section at the bottom of this page.

About Chan Seng Chee

Chan Seng CheeChan Seng Chee is a professional martial artist with over 30 years of full-time experience. He has trained with many top martial artists around the world, and is the head of Chan's Martial Arts, which is New Zealand's largest kung fu school.

Chan Seng Chee says, "In my martial arts training, I have always tried to attain the highest possible level and have spent alot of effort researching the various systems of the martial arts."

"Professor Yek explained to me that the essence of tai chi was about using the mind and not physical strength. He proved to me how he could instantly anticipate, neutralise and trap every move I made, without using any effort whatsoever, unlike anyone else I have ever met."

"As a result of many years of hard martial arts training and sparring my body had accumulated numerous injuries. Some of these were from impact with opponents and others from incorrect and excessive exertion in the earlier years of training."

"My muscles, tendons, bones and joints have their fair share of problems in varying degrees. After a few months of training, some of my chronic discomforts disappeared and others have gradually diminished."


Chan Seng Chee's main branch is in Christchurch, New Zealand. The other branches affiliated through Chan Seng Chee are listed below.

Auckland Region, New Zealand

Mairangi Bay

Wellington Region, New Zealand

Lower Hutt
The Terrace 42 movement tai chi form

Canterbury Region, New Zealand

Sydenham (Chan Seng Chee's main branch)
University of Canterbury
West Spreydon

Otago Region, New Zealand


Southland Region, New Zealand



Resources relating to the Sing Ong Tai Chi branches affiliated through Chan Seng Chee are provided here.

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Chan Seng Chee 37 form

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