Chan Seng Chee's newsletter for Sing Ong Tai Chi branches affiliated through him.

Vol. 01-1999

Dear Tai Chi enthusiast,

A warm welcome to the newcomers to Sing Ong Tai Chi and Chans Martial Arts. You have joined us at an exciting time when we are just starting to expand the organisation and soundly forging our technical skills at all levels.

Most of the regulars who attended Professor Yek's seminar at HQ last weekend must be still stunned by the revealing of even more detail to the "Six Tendon and Bone Relaxation Exercise" and the "Five Relaxing Exercises" inspite of last years very precise instructions. He reiterated the importance of proportion and the significance of the additional circles or spheres governing the exercises. These ideas are vital to the improved execution of the "Universal 42 TCC Form" and all TCC applications.

Initially it seemed that he was just covering old material, but on careful listening the additional details were soon revealed. Some of you may have prefered to have him teach more of the 42 form. However, there are many of you who have not started the form and therefore it is better for him to talk about material familiar to all.

I also like to explain that you cannot be corrected every step of the way in the form as it is as impractical as learning arithmetic by being taught every possible combination of addition or subtraction into the millions. What you have to do is: Learn the process of operation well through a few examples and you should be good for the rest. It works the same way for TCC, albeit the special features of the different moves have to be pointed out.

Therefore, learning the basic and even advanced interpretation of principles through the first few moves in the form or the exercises is the best way.

Professor Yek laid out the foundation theory of the importance of Leverage in Pushing Hands Exercise. The more critical idea is : the exact location of the fulcrum and length of the lever determines the effort needed for the load to be displaced. It is therefore so important to be very sensitive and precise to be good in the pushing hand exercises. He reminded us that the TCC way is not to use force but to use the correct strategy and skill.

Some students may feel that much of the seminar is too deep to understand. It is true that you may only understand only 20% to 30% of the lectures but I can elaborate more to you over the next few weeks. However, if you did not attend the seminar you will find it harder to follow my discussions on the subjects discussed.

I also have some material that I cannot fully understand but I memorise the visual images as best as I can and I take written notes. I find that I often fish out material that I have stashed away, when I am ready to use it. If I have not been exposed to that material my progress will be slowed down considerably as I would not know what to look for when there is a missing link to the puzzle.

There was a grading for nine individuals at HQ. It is very useful to set goals in training and be assessed so that you can check your perception against that of Professor Yek. Professor Yek and Master Michael Yek were quite impressed with the progress made by those grading. It gave my morale a real boosting knowing that we are on the right track.

Our Wellington TCC group has great promise as you have Professor Yek give you a super start. We are trying to do the same for the Surfers Paradise branch next week when we have our Easter Camp there.

Best wishes and train hard.

S C Chan

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