Chan Seng Chee's newsletter for Sing Ong Tai Chi branches affiliated through him.

Vol. 05-1 8th April 2005

Dear Students,

We had an excellent start to the year with great seminars by Professor Yek at our Chans Martial Arts HQ on the 12th & 13th of March. We also had Tai Chi seminars at the Easter Camp in Sydney presented by myself. Chans Martial Arts HQ and most branches have enrolled some very keen students who are really appreciating the training. We also gave demonstrations at our demo day and at the inaugral Chrsitchurch Lantern Festival which were very well received.

There were a dozen students from Christchurch, Invercargill and Dunedin grading the 42 and 37 forms successfully. Professor Yek was happy with the progress of the students attending the Christchurch seminar saying that he can see a difference everytime he sees the students here. However, he readdressed how alot of people train Tai Chi Chuan for a very long time but do not make any real progress. He stated the various ways why these people fail to succeed in learning Tai Chi Chuan to a high level last year. This time he pointed us to the most fundamental of fundamentals and clarified how this is the source of almost all of the problems he can see in the majority of the students; the lack of good postural control, which creates limitations in sinking; accuracy in stances, relaxation of the body and proportional expression of the arms. At the same time, he explained the meaning of the thirteen items of Tai Chi Chuan using the Pa Kua or Eight Trigrams and the Five Elements. Some may think they have heard of it before, but if they cannot perfom push hands like Professor Yek, their understanding and skill regarding this has alot to be desired.

The response of most of the students after the seminar was very positive and rightly so as Professor Yek had told the students that they had learnt well from the first days seminar and showed the difference in the performance during the second seminar. He even said that many of the senior students are just outside the door to the inner sanctum of Tai Chi Chuan. If we continue to train carefully and with enthusiasm, we should make it through the door and reap the benefits of good health and good skills.

Next weekend Professor Yek will be teaching in Palmerston North. Some instructors will make a special effort to attend from all around the country as they know the value of the seminars.

This year we are celebrating Sing Ong Tai Chiís 10th Aniversary. We have a dinner in Christchurch on the 2nd July and another in Auckland on the 23rd July. There is going to be a commemorative book and souvenir coffee mug along with Tai Chi Chuan demonstrations by various persons. Those who are interested to attend either dinners please give HQ your name and phone number by the end of April. You are most welcome to bring your family and friends. The ticket price is $40 per person and it will include the souvenir mug and dinner. This will be at the Chung Wah Restaurant and should be great chance to see Master Yek demonstarting the Tai Chi sword and Tai Chi stick form.

You are also encouraged to write a testimonial to your Tai Chi Chuan training and submit it by the end of the month. It can be a source of encouragement for new students and some may be included in the aniversary commemoration booklet. Keep up the daily training and see you at next event.

Yours in Tai Chi spirit,

S C Chan

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