Chan Seng Chee's newsletter for Sing Ong Tai Chi branches affiliated through him.

Vol. 04-2 2nd Oct 2004

Dear Students,

This has been a very productive year for us, with great seminars by Professor Yek at our Chans Martial Arts HQ in March. We also had many instructors attending the biggest Sing Ong Tai Chi Instructorís Camp ever in July.

Recently Professor Yek taught in Whangarei and in Wellington with instructors from all over the country attending. The main point he wanted to get across in Wellington was how alot of people train Tai Chi Chuan for a very long time but do not make any real progress. He stated the various ways why these people fail to succeed in learning Tai Chi Chuan to a high level. Most of these stem from the attitude in training given that the student has access to the correct technical information. Un-focused or careless training will result in deficiencies no matter how much new knowledge is acquired.

Although the Tai Chi Chuan classics are readily available these days, the interpretations can only be understood to any specific level, with the personal hands-on guidance from someone who has achieved that particular level. Otherwise, the classics are just a heap of curious dogmas that is of no real help to the practitioner. This is because the bulk of the classics defies common logic and are generally paradoxical riddles.

Those who believe that they can work it out themselves can only hope to talk about the glory of the great masters of the past but will not be able to reproduce the skills. They inevitabily resort to using force when hard pressed in push hands or combat. They also have alot of limitations to the wealth of health benefits.

With the continued seminars and guidance from Professor Yek we should have an excellent chance of avoiding the major pitfalls in training and develop into competent exponents of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Canterbury students will be getting together on the 6th November for a combined training, group photos and a Bar-B-Q.

Next year we are celebrating Sing Ong Tai Chiís 10th Aniversary. There will be a dinner in Christchurch on the 2nd July 05 and another in Auckland on the 23rd July 05. A commemorative book and souvenir coffee mug are planned along with Tai Chi Chuan demonstrations by various persons. Those who are interested to attend either dinners please give your name and phone number to give us a rough idea of figures. It should be a very special month with the Instructorís Camp also being held over the 1st to the 3rd of Jul.

The Chans Martial Arts HQ have enrolled a number of very keen students who are really enjoying training. They are naturally making good progress. I wish them the best in their training and long may they continue to enjoy the wonders and benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.

For those at the other branches, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Successful New Year. Keep training daily and be healthy over the holidays.

Yours in Tai Chi spirit,

S C Chan

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