Chan Seng Chee's newsletter for Sing Ong Tai Chi branches affiliated through him.

Vol. 01-2000

Dear Tai Chi enthusiast,

A warm welcome to the newcomers to Sing Ong Tai Chi International and Chans Martial Arts. You have taken a momentous step that may change your life forever.

Tai Chi Chuan is based on some very profound ideas which can lead us to look at life in a new light. For instance, embracing the concept of 'total balance' can alter the way we move, eat and relate to others. Our health, work and even relationships can be changed for the better in this way.

In mid June I lead a party of twenty three to attend a conference in the USA in honour of Prof. Wally Jay's Eighty Third Birthday. He is an old friend and teacher that I owe alot of my martial arts development to. There were 350 participants and I was among some of the guest instructors giving seminars.

The seminar that I delivered was about the lesser known facts of Tai Chi Chuan. It seemed to have stunned quite a few people but on the whole it was well received, especially by the highly ranked people. A couple of others look visibly hostile to my statements.

On reflection I thought of the words of Lao Tze: "The superior man would practise the Tao as much as possible when he is told of it, the ordinary man will occasionally practise it and the inferior man will laugh when he hears about it or it would not be the Tao."

I was up in Picton the very next weekend after the return from the USA trip. The instructors had a small Tai Chi Chuan seminar. It was well organised by Mr Dennis Huntley and a big contingent came across from Wellington.

The next weekend I was in Auckland to see Prof. Yek and Master James Lim (Canada). It is always good to resume my lessons with Prof. Yek and push hands with the more advanced practitioners. My senior students claim to notice my special spark of enthusiasm everytime I return from seeing Prof. Yek.

The following weekend I was at the Gold Coast for the Australian Seminars. These seminars were not very big but the students were very keen. We have a good core of serious students now and with the efforts of Mr Steve Henery, it is inevitable that they will grow in numbers and improve tecnically.

I enjoyed the Wellington Tai Chi Chuan Seminar a couple of weekends ago because the students showed good progress and dedication to training.

Finally, some words of advice to students from Prof. Yek: To learn you must first look as it is will stimulate the mind, secondly you must train as it will condition the the body and thirdly, you must listen as it provides understanding for the changes in movement. These are also the first three Trigrams of the Pakua that must be balanced for success. When properly practiced TCC is better than the best elixir.

May Chi be with you.

S C Chan

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